sneaky preview

Ok, I know it’s not 2007 and it’s technically not even the Highlands, but I’ve got to get a bit of practice in!

We went to The East Grange Loft (google it!) last night (29/12)to see JJ Gilmour (google him too!). My mum wanted me to ask if he was related to the Gilmours from West George Street. We Coatbridge boys stick together!

The warm-up was three young guys from Glasgow called the Folkateers (myspace). Acoustic set, three good voices, David, Andrea and Ross performed alone and together a nice set, nodding at The Proclaimers and Ross provided a nice warm cheesy Jingle Bells reference on his wee xylothing! Good songs, good voices, especially Ross’s tremolo, don’t know about the name. Pretty good for a fourth gig, first one up north. They’ll be welcome back.

Then it was JJ Gilmour, accompanied by Philip Kay on keyboard, he sang his wee heart out from behind the trademark tinted glasses, strummed his acoustic guitars and tooted his harmonica. It was a good mix of stuff from the 2003 sunnyside (PAL) album such as the belting opener The American Dream and a wee whimsical Spy and some new songs like Wild Child from the much-trailed new album. The new stuff seemed at first listen a bit harder-edged than the sunnyside songs. It was a great night we’ll remember for a long time.

The moment of the night was when towards the end we all sung Me and You in a kind of anthemic way – “I don’t need medication/ to feel the way I wanted to/ if only my generation/ could stick together like me and you/ superglue …” God, it was gooey!

So, roll on the new album. Be good to see him launch it up here somewhere. He’s not related to the West George Street Gilmours, by the way.

The East Grange Loft? Good setting, a loft in a barn on a farm in the middle of nowhere east of Forres. Warm and welcoming and licenced! The only problem was that the bar shut at midnight, denying anyone the chance of one for the road and it can be a long road home in the Highlands. What a country!

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