Anticipation (en)

Tonight the castle across from us changed colour every couple of minutes. My favourite was when they put all the lights out so we couldn’t see the monstrosity. I can always dream!

It was the start of the rehearsals for the Auld New Year which brings the launch of Scotland’s Year of Highland Culture. There’s going to be a huge street party – 15,000 expected – just outside our door and there’s going to be loads happening. You have to be brave or even nuts to come up with an idea like that for Inverness at this time of year, but so far the weather forecast is good for Friday. We’ll see. As Billy Connolly says, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

So on Friday 12/01/07, Scotland’s Year of Highland Culture kicks off, and with it the blog proper!

To find out more:

Marking an t-Seann Bhliadhn’ Ùr, the Old New Year, the Highland 2007 Launch and Lifescan Monster Street Party is the first major event in the programme for Highland 2007, the year Scotland celebrates Highland culture.

according to the official site. I don’t know if it’s available in other languages (Gaelic maybe?), but it should be…

One Response to “Anticipation (en)”

  1. Denise Thea Says:

    Absolutely no wavering allowed. And don’t forget to print out your posts and file them. I don’t trust this computer stuff completely. Good old paper rusting in the attic 50 years from now is a much neater discovery than a possible computer program, although admittedly this reaches more people, so . . . do both!
    Absolutely. No wavering. This brings the magic of Scotland, castles!, into the imaginations of us poor plebes.

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